Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable for all clients of Arctic Fox Travel ehf.

A tour is confirmed when fully paid by the customer. With a confirmation from Arctic Fox Travel ehf. a binding contract has been established.

All prices are in icelandic króna, payment and booking is done through www.arcticfoxtravel.is
Exempt from this rule are travel agencies with a contract with Arctic Fox Travel ehf. that says differently.

Arctic Fox Travel ehf. reserves the right to make any changing of prices and services from how described in either the website or leaflets from the company. Costumers will be notified of any changes made as soon as possible.

If a costumer needs special assistance or is affected by a medical condition, it should be mentioned at the booking of the tour.

Arctic Fox Travel ehf. takes no responsibility for customers reckless behaviour or not obliging to the tour guides instructions. Parents and/or legal guardians take full responsibility for the behaviour and damage caused by the children (under 18 years old) they are responsible for. Clients under 18 years of age have to be accompanied by an adult.

Client Responsibility:
Arctic Fox Travel ehf. advises costumers to take out a travel insurance. Arctic Fox travel ehf. takes no responsibility for any personal belongings of the customers. By booking, customers confirm that they are physically able to participate in the activities which the tour requires.

Arctic Fox Travel ehf. cannot be held responsible for any mishap to customer.

Cancellation policy:

Cancelled by clients less than 14 days before departure 25% charge.

Cancelled by clients less than 4 days before departure 100% charge.

We reserve the right to cancel the tour if necessary (road and weather conditions or other unforeseen reasons) – full refund of the tour price to the client.

In case of cancellation from Arctic fox travel ehf. any other personal expenses, like airplane tickets, bus tickets, travel insurance, visas, vacations etc. are not refunded.

Jurisdiction Clause:
By confirming your booking with Arctic Fox Travel ehf. you acknowledge that we have taken all reasonable steps to safeguard our liability in this respect.

When you confirm the booking form you agree to accept all booking conditions, as well as Arctic Fox travel ehf. agrees to carry out their obligations to you as defined in the tour information. Both sides of this agreement are made subject to, and must be interpreted and enforced according to Icelandic law in an Icelandic court.

Privacy policy
Our privacy policy can be found here.